Clinical Studies for PTLD Cancer

The goals of the PTLD Cancer clinical studies are to evaluate whether this investigational treatment works and whether it is safe for patients with post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease (PTLD). PTLD is a type of cancer or lymphoma that may occur after bone marrow or organ transplant.  It may occur due to the Epstein Barr Virus when the immune system is suppressed.

Phase 3 clinical studies of an investigational treatment are currently enrolling patients with EBV-related PTLD cancer. These are single arm open-label studies, which means every participant will receive the investigational treatment since the study is not designed with a placebo.

These studies are currently enrolling patients of any age who have the following select criteria:

  • had a bone marrow or organ transplant

  • been diagnosed with EBV-related PTLD, which is a type of cancer or lymphoma, after their transplant

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